Staying compliant with GIADA

American Truck Showrooms keeps updated correct information regarding compliance standards and laws to stay profitable and properly follow business regulations. Our Georgia location is official members of GIADA, Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association. GIADA is the best source for a dealer to use for updated & correct information regarding compliance standards and laws. GIADA is the Georgia state association that keeps dealers informed. Informed dealers are more likely to stay profitable and stay in business. GIADA provides mandatory updates as regulated by the state and is coupled under the umbrella of NIADA membership providing updates on a National level. The minimum standard of care for the safe operation of trucks is regulated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) & by the Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Manual that teaches required knowledge to truck drivers. The FMCSR applies to all vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) in excess of 10,000 lbs. It is important to keep these standards of safety top of mind and priority for all drivers who use our services.


Owner-operators and Independents

The program at American Truck Showrooms was designed to make it easier for the owner-operator to acquire reliable equipment. Currently we have the only program in the industry with a No Credit Check option that provides 50-50 Coverage regardless of mileage. With an in-house team to help get and keep you compliant, it has never been easier to get rolling. See why independents and owner-operators are turning to American Truck Showrooms to acquire their transport needs. Learn More


Professional Truck Body Repair

Gulfport Semi truck collision center

Choosing the right repair facility is crucial to keeping equipment in the best condition. While it is not always ideal to tow the truck to our Gulfport location, the costs are generally lower when experiencing an in-house fix. Meanwhile in Gulfport, Mississippi, this truck in the body shop is having a cab rebuild from a jack knife. A partial cab replacement and new interior is necessary. Repairs are coming along great. Next stop is the paint booth.  


Driver’s Beware – Deer Season In Full Swing

Tis the season for hunting, and the time for deer mating is in full swing. It is cold and the deer are moving around more to stay warm. The chances of striking a deer are rising and it can be very dangerous. Last month’s ATG accident summary reported 10 accounts of head on deer collisions from our renters alone and the number is growing. From internal data collected these states are High Risk: Mississippi Texas Virginia Indiana Maryland Kansas Pennsylvania West Virginia However , according to the State Farm Insurance Data, the five MOST DANGEROUS STATES, accounting for 34% of their claims, are: South Dakota Iowa Michigan Pennsylvania West Virginia See the map below that indicates deer collision ratio by state: Don’t test your luck, WATCH OUT FOR BUCK! Check out these tips we have gathered to help prevent deer collisions. TIPS TO AVOID DEER


Owner-Operator Gets Her 2nd Truck

After just six months, this owner-operator is already picking up her second semi truck from American Truck Showrooms! To find your own truck, check out our inventory at CommercialTruckTrader!


Keep on Truckin’

Keep on Truckin

With about 1.8 million drivers, truck driving is a huge industry in the United States. Even with such a pool of drivers, however, the industry needs about 30,000 more to be able to operate at its full potential. This shortage slows every aspect of the US economy simply because so many things are transported by truck. From food to electronics to construction materials, almost everything around us came off the back of a truck. A major factor in this shortage is the number of truck drivers who would like to work, but who can’t afford to buy or rent their own trucks thanks to high prices or bad credit. American Truck Group, LLC is working to solve that problem and get those drivers back to work. With no credit checks and low down payments, ATG makes sure that drivers and America can keep on truckin’!


Inventory Spotlight: 2011 Volvo 670

a white 2011 Volvo 670

At American Truck Showrooms in Atlanta, we’ve received a set of 2011 Volvo 670s. Each of these trucks is in exceptional condition, inside and out. All are painted a gleaming white and, aside from two with 435 hp 12.7L Volvo engines, have 430/470 hp 14L Volvo engines. With recessed door handles, streamlined hoods and windshields, and an air deflector under the bumper, the 670 doesn’t sacrifice style for aerodynamics. Add this to the efficiency of the Volvo engine, and you’re going to see some considerable fuel savings. On the inside, the 2,050 square inch windshield gives the driver a commanding view of the road outside, while a digital readout keeps track of what’s going on inside the truck. The steel cab, three-point safety harness, airbags, and collapsing steering column are designed to make sure the most important part of the truck survives: the driver. With a 61-inch sleeper containing all the amenities you’d expect from a Volvo. The 670 is Volvo’s best-selling truck of all time, and it’s not difficult to see why. We have several on our Atlanta lot, but we’d be surprised if they lasted long. Drop by our Atlanta location, contact us online, or give us a […]


Our Program

Owner-operators and independent drivers, finally a program to attain ownership of your own truck. At American Truck Showrooms, we understand that your life revolves around the truck you drive. We make it our mission to match you with the truck that meets your needs and give you the opportunity to own it. Our No Credit Check – Guaranteed Approval process opens the doors to truck ownership. We follow up with a 5 year 50/50 Power Protection Program* that keeps your truck running and in great condition. Our program goes a step above and beyond in our industry. We take pride in knowing that we can help the American business owner achieve the assets they need to make their dream a reality. Why make payments for the big companies on a truck that you will never own, when you could be working for yourself making payments on your own truck. There is no time like today to Be Your Own Boss.  We are at your service, don’t wait, call us today!   The Rental to Buy program is an easy way to advance toward owning a truck. You may either stay in the program for the full contract period or you have the […]


Bring in the New Year in, In Style

Start 2014 off in style and be out with the old and in with the new. Visit American Truck Showrooms Atlanta Inventory  to check out the New Year, New Inventory Event. The time is NOW, so don’t wait. Out with the old… Cash only inventory is PRICED TO SALE, with the addition of older model cash only trucks. In with the new… Atlanta’s increased inventory includes seven 2009 Peterbilt 387’s and six 2009 Volvo 670’s.   Read more here: American Truck Showrooms Brings in the New Year With New Inventory


2013 American Safe Truck Driver Award

American Truck Showrooms and their affiliates started the American Safe Truck Driver Award Competition to recognize the American truck driver and the important role in the transportation of goods. Read Full Article HERE. First Place winner receives $1000. Second Place receives $250. and Third Place is awarded $100. All three winners must meet the eligibility requirements from November 3rd to November 2nd. 2013 Winners are announced in November.  Eligibility Requirements: 1. No traffic accidents. 2. No motor vehicle infractions. 3. Must be our customer. American Safe Truck Driver Award 2013 Winners: $ 100.    – 3rd Place:   Henry Busse $ 250.    – 2nd Place:  Jared Lobdell $1,000   – 1st  Place:  Raymond Olexa Congratulations drivers and thanks for making the roads a safer place! Good Luck to all of our customers in the competition for the 2014 year. More winners to come, next November.  

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