Owner-operators and independent drivers, finally a program to attain ownership of your own truck.
At American Truck Showrooms, we understand that your life revolves around the truck you drive. We make it our mission to match you with the truck that meets your needs and give you the opportunity to own it. Our No Credit Check – Guaranteed Approval process opens the doors to truck ownership. We follow up with a 5 year 50/50 Power Protection Program* that keeps your truck running and in great condition. Our program goes a step above and beyond in our industry. We take pride in knowing that we can help the American business owner achieve the assets they need to make their dream a reality. Why make payments for the big companies on a truck that you will never own, when you could be working for yourself making payments on your own truck. There is no time like today to Be Your Own Boss.  We are at your service, don’t wait, call us today!


The Rental to Buy program is an easy way to advance toward owning a truck. You may either stay in the program for the full contract period or you have the option of electing to purchase the truck as early as one year. Purchase option is available after 1 year period has been met and truck price is re-evaluated accordingly.



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*Power protection plan described is an optional service agreement available. Any fees, terms and conditions are outlined in contract. To qualify, shop and repairs must be approved before repairs are made.

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