Protect your bottom line and preserve your peace of mind.
American Truck Showrooms is dedicated to providing service to our customers that exceeds industry standards. Our protection policy ensures vehicles work for you and stay in great condition.

Our unlimited mileage Power Protection Plan* lasts throughout the entire time you are in our program.  Our “Better than a Warranty” 50/50* Power Protection Plan ensures mechanical protection at all times. How are we able to offer this? Well our mechanics at American Truck Group, LLC are turning wrenches in 3 different states to keep your wheels turning.

We have the tools and resources to keep your truck running and making money. We even ask that you stay at our dealership for a couple of days to test drive your truck and put it to the challenge so we can be certain when you sign and drive, you are leaving with the confidence of a truck in great condition. This allows us the ability to fix any needed issues before the responsibility of maintenance.


*Power protection plan described is an optional service agreement available. Any fees, terms and conditions are outlined in contract. To qualify, shop and repairs must be approved before repairs are made.

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