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Owner-Operator Gets Her 2nd Truck

After just six months, this owner-operator is already picking up her second semi truck from American Truck Showrooms! To find your own truck, check out our inventory at CommercialTruckTrader!


Keep on Truckin’

With about 1.8 million drivers, truck driving is a huge industry in the United States. Even with such a pool of drivers, however, the industry needs about 30,000 more to be able to operate at its full potential. This shortage slows every aspect of the US economy simply because so many things are transported by truck. From food to electronics to construction materials, almost everything around us came off the back of a truck. A major factor in this shortage is the number of truck drivers who would like to work, but who can’t afford to buy or rent their own trucks thanks to high prices or bad credit. American Truck Group, LLC is working to solve that problem and get those drivers back to work. With no credit checks and low down payments, ATG makes sure that drivers and America can keep on truckin’!

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