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Inventory Spotlight: 2011 Volvo 670

At American Truck Showrooms in Atlanta, we’ve received a set of 2011 Volvo 670s. Each of these trucks is in exceptional condition, inside and out. All are painted a gleaming white and, aside from two with 435 hp 12.7L Volvo engines, have 430/470 hp 14L Volvo engines. With recessed door handles, streamlined hoods and windshields, and an air deflector under the bumper, the 670 doesn’t sacrifice style for aerodynamics. Add this to the efficiency of the Volvo engine, and you’re going to see some considerable fuel savings. On the inside, the 2,050 square inch windshield gives the driver a commanding view of the road outside, while a digital readout keeps track of what’s going on inside the truck. The steel cab, three-point safety harness, airbags, and collapsing steering column are designed to make sure the most important part of the truck survives: the driver. With a 61-inch sleeper containing all the amenities you’d expect from a Volvo. The 670 is Volvo’s best-selling truck of all time, and it’s not difficult to see why. We have several on our Atlanta lot, but we’d be surprised if they lasted long. Drop by our Atlanta location, contact us online, or give us a […]


Inventory Spotlight: 2011 Volvo 780

Volvo trucks deliver goods around the world. While every truck on our lot is guaranteed to be held to the highest standards, we’re so excited to have a pair of 2011 Volvo 780s that we just had to tell someone. Volvo calls it their “flagship” truck, and it’s not hard to see why. With good looks, classic Volvo engineering, and a full-size sleeper, a 780 is the clear sign of a driver who has arrived. From the hood to the recessed door handles, every inch of this truck was built with reducing wind resistance in mind. Between the aerodynamics and Volvo’s I-Shift intelligent automated manual transmission, it’s easy to see that fuel efficiency was a top design priority. The Driver Information Display is oversized to give you the information you need at a glance: it reviews fuel efficiency, mileage, battery voltage, and more. But don’t think that the 780 is all business; the sleeper is spacious, insulated against outside sound, and packed with amenities. The 780s are painted red and champagne, and are fitted with Cummins and Volvo engines, respectively. To check either of them out, visit our Atlanta location, call us at 877-661-1592, or contact us online.

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